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It’s been a bountiful day at the bazaar. The caravan is leaving, and you must quickly pack your items onto the back of the Camel. But beware; even beasts of burden have their breaking point! Straw is a light-hearted family game where the players try to pack as many item cards as they can on top of the Camel without breaking its back. Be careful not to load the Camel too close to its limit, though. If your card breaks the Camel’s back, you lose! But if you can break the Camel’s back with the Straw card, you win!


65 Gloss-Finished Playing Cards
12-page Rules Booklet (rules in English, German, French, Spanish & Italian)

Game Details


Object of the Game

The first player to reach 100 or more points at the end of a round wins.

How to Play

Straw is a fast paced card game played in a series of rounds. During each round, you try to pack as many objects as you can on top of a camel without breaking its back. If you can’t stack another object on the camel when it is your turn to do so, you lose. At that point, everyone else totals up the value of all the cards left in their hands and adds it to their scores. Then, collect all the cards, assign a new dealer and start another round. Ordinarily, you want to avoid 'breaking the camel's back' in order to score points. But, if you can do so with the one and only Straw card, then you win and you are the only one who scores points that round.


Trademark: Straw™
Copyright: ©2006 Evertide Games
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Release Date: September 2008
Representative: Sorvent, Inc.
Game Design: Richard James
Game Development: Michael Nickoloff
Original Illustrations: Jared Rogness
Original Translations: Mohamed Aboudina
Original Printer: Playing Cards R Us, Inc.
AEG Edition Rules Translations: French by Fréderic Bizet, German by Pegasus Spiele, Gmbh, Italian by Federico Dumas, Spanish by Darío Aguilar
AEG Edition Art Direction: Ken Carpenter
AEG Edition Art: Octographics
AEG Edition Graphic Design: Creative Instinct, Inc.
Playtesting: John Brader, Max Cavanaugh, Michael Chen, Bernie DeKoven, Marc Fairty, Darren Ford, Nick Ingwerson, Donna James, Laura James, Robert James, Ross James, Rizwan Kassim, Jeff Kelly, Pat Mannion, Tanya Mannion, Scott Martin, David Milano, Scott Reese, Jared Rogness, Jason Schissel, Graydon Schlichter, Christopher Tate, Lauren Tate, Prasanna Vernenkar, Sein Vernenkar, Megan Watson, Beth Woelflein, David Zahl