Stacket Case Front


Choose a piece. Place it anywhere. Just don't make anything fall off or you lose. Stacket is a simple block-building game which takes more than just a steady hand to win. You will need a balanced strategy when selecting what to place and where to place it if you hope to force your opponent to topple the stack first. With 30 different shapes to choose from, no two games of Stacket are the same. Each and every Stacket structure is the unique creation of its creators as they compete. But with too many pieces to place than can possibly fit, not a single structure will last. Eventually, it will collapse. Will this be the turn? Go.


30 Unfinished Wood Game Pieces
1 Unfinished Wood Base
1 Plastic Carrying Case

Game Details


Object of the Game

Force your opponent to topple the structure and win

How to Play

Starting with the base piece, you and your opponent take turns placing pieces on the structure. When it is your turn to place a piece, you may select from any of the pieces in the container. Then you must place it somewhere on the structure. While placing your piece, it may not touch the ground and it must touch the previous piece that was placed. Otherwise, you can place your piece wherever and however you want. Be careful, for if anything falls off the structure while it is your turn, you lose. With 30 different shapes to choose from, it takes not only good dexterity but good strategy to force your opponent to topple the stack.


Trademark: Stacket™
Copyright: ©2008 Evertide Games
Publisher: Evertide Games
Release Date: April 2012
Representative: Theodore Trampe
Game Design: Richard James
Contributing Piece Design: Sam Jackson
Playtesting: Caroline Han, Neil Jackson, Sam Jackson, Sheena Jackson, Beth James, Donna James, Robert James, Ross James, Rizwan Kassim, Jeff Kelly, Laura Kelly, Tim Kelly, Pat Mannion, Tanya Mannion, Joseph Nunn, Flor SanRomans, Omar Sheikh, Kimberly Wilkinson