Mr. Adventurer just broke through the fourth wall and now finds himself on your tabletop ready to kill monsters, accumulate meat and gain levels free of all those silly class restrictions. In Mr. Card Game, you play Mr. Adventurer’s cousin Mr. Card Game, the cross-classing monster killer. As Mr. Card Game, you still crave dense stacks of meat and record level stats, but you are free to pick up skills from any class you want and use the items from any monsters you kill along the way. The monsters of the Kingdom of Loathing have been put on notice: it’s time to break all the rules and take that Naughty Sorceress down.

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Mr. Card Game is a collaboration between Evertide Games and the dudes at Asymmetric Publications (Jick, Skully, Hotstuff, Riff...). At KoLCon VIII, we approached Jick and Co. with an idea for fun tabletop way to play KoL (Kingdom of Loathing) and they gave the design team at Evertide Games a greenlight to create a card game for the Kingdom. And now, after a year of mechanics-pasting, advanced cardsmithing and super human playtesting, the designcrafting is done and both Asymmetric and Evertide Games are pleased to present Mr. Card Game.

Mr. Card Game is half deck-building, half tableau management and 100% Kingdom of Loathing character builder. No pasted on themes here, this game reeks of ripe Kingdome-y goodness (sorry about the smell).Toot Oriole Advice"Build a Character, Not Just a Deck of Cards"

And, just as important, Mr. Card Game is downright fun to play. We’re KoL fans and, like you, for years we’ve wished there was a fun tabletop way to play KoL with a group of friends out here in the real world. The gameplay of Mr. Card Game reflects this commitment to the Kingdom and that warm squishy and sometimes smooshy feeling we all get while playing it.

For those tabletop afficionados out there, Mr. Card Game is an evolution in the deck-building genre. Mixing a combination of stat gain with item and skill acquisition, what you can do in Mr. Card Game depends on the tableau you build, and how effectively you do it depends on the cards you draw from the deck you’ve drafted.