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Ever wonder what it's like living the life of a care-free adventurer, slaying monsters for the loot they carry and the sweet sweet meat that is the coin of the realm? If you have, perhaps you should see a therapist, but in the meantime, wonder no more, Mr. Card Game is here, right in this very box to fill you in on all of the above and so much more. Defeat your foes, using your very own Sweet Ninja Sword. Wield mighty magics like the Cannelloni Cannon and the Wave of Sauce. Butcher bosses like the Boss Bat and Baron von Ratsworth. All so that you can defeat the Naughty Sorceress and free King Ralph, but mostly so you can rub your friends' faces in your heroic superiority.


72 Monster/Item Cards (double-sided)
1 Naughty Sorceress Card
11 Naughty Sorceress Foil Cards
11 Quest Boss Cards
24 Nemesis/Epic Item Cards (double-sided)
14 Map Location Cards
156 Character Stat Cards
60 Class Skill Cards
15 Newbie Gear Cards
1 Certificate of Participation Card
30 Card Pile Dividers
100 Plastic Meat Tokens
1 Rules Booklet

Game Details


Object of the Game

Be the first one to defeat the Naughty Sorceress and rescue King Ralph XI

How to Play

In Mr. Card Game, players take turns adventuring at locations in the kingdom until someone is strong enough to defeat the Naughty Sorceress. Each player's turn is divided into a non-combat and a combat phase. During the non-combat phase, you have a chance to buff up your character, learn new skills and sell the items you have acquired from previous rounds. During the combat phase, you can fight any monster found at one of the locations in the kingdom whose power is equal to or less than your total combat score. Your victory allows you to level up your character's stats, obtain more meat tokens and acquire the item dropped by the monster you defeat. At the end of each round of play, anyone who believes that they are strong enough may announce a March on the Tower. At which point everyone has one last chance to buff up their character as strong as they can and the player who has the highest total combat score and enough to defeat the power of the Sorceress wins the game. A tabletop adventurer is you!
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Trademark: Mr. Card Game™
Copyright (Design): ©2012 Evertide Games
Publisher: Evertide Games
Release Date: March 2014
Game Design: Graydon Schlichter, Richard James
Graphic Design: Guillermo “Willdesigns” Nuñez
Copy Editing: Kickstarter Community
Design Studio: Asymmetric Publications
Artwork: Zack “Jick” Johnson
Team Members: Zack “Jick” Johnson, Kevin “HotStuff” Simmons, Josh “Mr. Skullhead” Nite, Riff “Riff” Conner
Copyright (Artwork): ©2012 Asymmetric Publications, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Playtesting Direction: Graydon Schlichter, Kevin “HotStuff” Simmons
Playtesting (Special Thanks): Kevin Flanagan
Playtesting: Jason Schissel, Seth Jaffee, Jennifer Knighton, Kevin Jones, Jason Lioi, Tom Lai, Shannon Stuart, Ken Arthur, Carlos Serapia, Nadia Baptista, Scott Martin, Rizwan Kassim, Nathan Wolf, Melissa Hagan, David Marriero, Jenni Polodna, Dwayne Stupack, Darien Stupack, Darren Eskandari, Jim Garritano, Benjamin Kelly, Bino Gopal, Matthew Hutchins, Scott Schneider, Andrew Ashcraft,Tovarich Pizor, Randall Bart, Sean McHale, Kristin McHale, Jon Simons