Lords Of Scotland

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The throne lies empty and the clans are restless. As a lord of Scotland with land, men and money at your disposal, now is the time to lay your claim. But you are not alone. Your rivals have also been waiting for such an opportunity, and they are poised to act. With the clans of Scotland ready to follow the strongest leader, it is up to you to win the loyalty of the clans first. If you can demonstrate your prowess in battle to enough clans, then the rest will fall in line behind you. Do you have the audacity and cunning it takes to be crowned king?


99 Linen-Finished Playing Cards
1 Double-Sided Rulesheet

Game Details


Object of the Game

Acquire forty points worth of supporters first and claim the throne

How to Play

In Lords of Scotland, you acquire the support you need to win the game by winning skirmishes against your rivals. A skirmish is a period of time represented by five consecutive rounds. During each round of a skirmish, you have the opportunity to either build up your army by playing cards from your hand or recruit clans to fight for you by drawing cards from the recruit pile. At the end of the skirmish, if you have the army with the highest total value, you get to claim the most valuable supporter. If your army is weaker, then you must wait to claim a supporter until after everyone else with a stronger army does so first. Then all clans in the skirmish are discarded and you begin another skirmish, starting with the winner of the previous skirmish (going last is advantageous). The game ends when one lord reaches forty or more points worth of supporters. If you hope to be that lord, you will need to know when to commit your forces and when to save your strength to fight another day.


Trademark: Lords of Scotland™
Copyright: ©2010 Evertide Games
Publisher: Z-Man Games
Release Date: Spring 2011
Game Design: Richard James
Game Development: Luca Holme
Graphic Design: Evertide Games
Artwork: Gabrielle Levion
Copy Editing: Sharlene Lee, Ross James, Pat Mannion
Playtesting: Jason Schissel, Megan Watson, Luca Holme, Steve Flanders, Joe Fenton, Jennifer Spavins, Robert James, Donna James, Laura Kelly, Katie Melanson, Susana Corza Ross, Jeffrey Hall, Travis Watkins, David Hampton, Marissa Oshige, Ross James, Kristina Sophia Della Eronat, William Lee, Matt Schoonmaker-Gates, Jen Rowen, Theodore Trampe, Daniel Chung