Court Of The Medici

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Welcome to the court of Cosimo I de' Medici, where House Gonzaga and House Della Rovere compete for the friendship of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. As leader of your house, you must dispatch nobles to the Court of the Medici to curry favor with the Grand Duke if you hope to win his support. By directing the nobles from your house to form alliances and execute conspiracies, you can build up your influence at court and eliminate those nobles who are loyal to your rival. Once you gain control of the whole court, you can then strike down the Grand Duke's Inner Circle and force Cosimo to listen to you alone.


50 Linen-Finished Playing Cards
1 Double-Sided Rulesheet

Game Details


Object of the Game

To possess more influence at court than your opponent when the game ends

How to Play

Each player begins the game with four nobles from his House placed in the Duke's Inner Circle. Throughout the game, you then have the opportunity to add more nobles to the Inner Circle by placing them into alliances with those who are already there or you can place a supporter alone in the Outer Court. You can also use your nobles to conspire against other cards or alliances in either the Inner Circle or the Outer Court and eliminate them from court. Whenever any player does not have a noble in the Inner Court, the game is over and each player totals up the influence of all the cards he controls in play in order to determine the winner. With the opportunity to ally with your enemy and conspire against your own nobles, alliances shift quickly and only the cunning will survive.


Trademark: Court of the Medici™
Copyright: ©2008 Evertide Games
Publisher: Z-Man Games
Release Date: March 2009
Representative: Sorvent, Inc.
Game Design: Richard James
Game Development: Michael Nickoloff
Artwork: Masters of the Renaissance
Copy Editing: Ross James, Pat Mannion, Scott Martin
Playtesting: Travis Ball, Kyle Bown, Hollee Brinlee, Bill Bussick, Andrew Castner, Beth James, Donna James, Robert James, Rizwan Kassim, Bobby Liu, James Liu, Bo Maguire, Tanya Mannion, Joseph Nunn, Charles Ranta, Jason Schissel, Omar Sheikh, Jeffrey Shih, Tetsuya Takahashi, Megan Watson, Troy White, Kimberly Wilkinson, Christopher Wottawa