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  • Introduction

    Last updated  3 days ago
    <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen class="embed-right"></iframe><br>Mr. Adventurer just broke through the fourth wall and now finds himself on your tabletop ready to kill monsters, accumulate meat and gain levels free of all those silly class restrictions. In Mr. Card Game, you play Mr. Adventurer’s cousin Mr. Card Game, the cross-classing monster killer. As Mr. Card Game, you still crave dense stacks of meat and record level stats, but you are free to pick up skills from any class you want and use the items from any monsters you kill along the way. The monsters of the Kingdom of Loathing have been put on notice: it’s time to break all the rules and take that Naughty Sorceress down.</p>
  • Court Of The Medici

    Last updated  10 days ago
    <p>Welcome to the court of Cosimo I de&#39; Medici, where House Gonzaga and House Della Rovere compete for the friendship of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. As leader of your house, you must dispatch nobles to the Court of the Medici to curry favor with the Grand Duke if you hope to win his support. By directing the nobles from your house to form alliances and execute conspiracies, you can build up your influence at court and eliminate those nobles who are loyal to your rival. Once you gain control of the whole court, you can then strike down the Grand Duke&#39;s Inner Circle and force Cosimo to listen to you alone.</p>
  • Lords Of Scotland

    Last updated  10 days ago
    <p>The throne lies empty and the clans are restless. As a lord of Scotland with land, men and money at your disposal, now is the time to lay your claim. But you are not alone. Your rivals have also been waiting for such an opportunity, and they are poised to act. With the clans of Scotland ready to follow the strongest leader, it is up to you to win the loyalty of the clans first. If you can demonstrate your prowess in battle to enough clans, then the rest will fall in line behind you. Do you have the audacity and cunning it takes to be crowned king?</p>
  • Mr Card Game

    Last updated  8 days ago
    <p>Ever wonder what it&#39;s like living the life of a care-free adventurer, slaying monsters for the loot they carry and the sweet sweet meat that is the coin of the realm? If you have, perhaps you should see a therapist, but in the meantime, wonder no more, Mr. Card Game is here, right in this very box to fill you in on all of the above and so much more. Defeat your foes, using your very own Sweet Ninja Sword. Wield mighty magics like the Cannelloni Cannon and the Wave of Sauce. Butcher bosses like the Boss Bat and Baron von Ratsworth. All so that you can defeat the Naughty Sorceress and free King Ralph, but mostly so you can rub your friends&#39; faces in your heroic superiority.</p>
  • Introduction

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    <p><span class="img-right"><a href="/games/MrCardGame/MrCardGameRulesCore.pdf"><img src="/icons/icon_rulespdf_120.png" width="120px;"></a>Downloadable Rules</span><br>Hello there Adventurer, and welcome to the (de-digitalized) Kingdom of Loathing. The pages you now hold in your hands (or have perhaps laid flat on your table) will explain everything you need to know in order to start your quest to save the King! After you read through the rules, you’ll need a friend, and some table space and chairs. Then, grab your newbie gear, shuffle up your starting stat deck, lay out the locations and the skill trainer, grab some meat and off you go!</p>
  • Design Team

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    <p><span class="design-credits"></span></p>
  • Evertide Games

    Last updated  13 days ago
    <p><div id="banner"><div id="banner-image"><img src="/logos/EG_Webstore_Banner_White_a_910.jpg" alt="Evertide Games Banner" class="img-banner"></div></div><a class="internal" href="/wiki/Evertide-Games">Evertide Games</a> is an independent game design studio and publisher of tabletop card and board games.</p>
  • Spoiler Lists

    Last updated  2 days ago
    <p>Lists of <a href="#monsters">Monster</a>, <a href="#items">Item</a>, <a href="#skills">Skill</a>, <a href="#effects">Effect</a>, <a href="#classes">Class</a> and <a href="#character-stats">Character Stat</a> cards</p>
  • Supplemental Rules

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    <p>Rules for integrating <a href="#bonus-components">Bonus Components</a>, <a href="#supplmental-components">Supplemental Components</a> and <a href="#optional-rules">Optional Rules</a></p>
  • Stacket

    Last updated  10 days ago
    <p>Choose a piece. Place it anywhere. Just don&#39;t make anything fall off or you lose. Stacket is a simple block-building game which takes more than just a steady hand to win. You will need a balanced strategy when selecting what to place and where to place it if you hope to force your opponent to topple the stack first. With 30 different shapes to choose from, no two games of Stacket are the same. Each and every Stacket structure is the unique creation of its creators as they compete. But with too many pieces to place than can possibly fit, not a single structure will last. Eventually, it will collapse. Will this be the turn? Go.</p>